Sunday, June 19, 2016

A Quartet of T-Shirts

I hesitated to even post these because you've seen a ton of Kwik Sew 2565 T-Shirts on this blog. But I live in Ts, and I've been remiss in posting again, so here are the latest from my TNT pattern of all time.

The first three are from the now-defunct Textile Studios. I can't swear to it, but I know I bought several fabrics from there when they were going out of business.

The first one is made of a double layered synthetic that has dimensional flowers cut from the top layer that are tacked down to a base for a tattered effect.I'm still in the process of doing some additional tacking on the machine just in case. The neckband is a mystery knit that I found in the stash. It's kind of a swimsuit type of knit but I'm really not sure where it came from.

 The next two are ITY knits and were easy to work with.

The fabric from this one came from either JoAnn's or Hancock's some years ago. It's knit in a subtle Asian design as well as having the print. Long sleeves work well at the office even though it's very hot here. The air conditioning indoors can be quite cold! We're wearing red on Fridays to support a co-worker who's overseas with the National Guard, so that's another reason I used this fabric. 

I have three more short sleeved T-shirts cut out and ready to be made from this pattern; all are solids that came from Gorgeous Fabrics. They go together quickly, so it's good to have them ready if the urge to sew hits. 

And here's another picture of the pattern that I used. It's long discontinued but a classic look.


Mary said...

These are all lovely, and I am now mentally reviewing my own knit stash. I am outdoors for part of each day so knit tees are for fall through spring. It was 114F today! How hot in Albuquerque?

Coco said...

Nice! and that layered/cut fabric is really interesting, pretty.

Post them all! I love seeing things made, fabrics, hearing what folks are up to in any season.

Irene said...

A great assortment of t-shirts! That first fabric looks really interesting.