Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Holiday Time

Here it is, almost Christmas and I haven't posted any news this month. It's been a busy time, like it is for most of us. There have been multiple projects at work that have pulled me away from blogging. And on top of that, some medical issues that have taken up some time. Thankfully nothing too serious, but I've been making the rounds of doctors and having tests.

I also needed to burn off some vacation time since I can't carry it over, and it disturbs me to just lose it. So DH and I did a quick getaway to Las Vegas recently since it's a quick and easy flight and hotels are relatively inexpensive in the run up to Christmas. We stayed at the Mirage, our usual Vegas home away from home.

Since we hadn't been in a while, we went the the Secret Garden at the hotel. It features a dolphin exhibit and a small zoo of big cats...

...including three lion cubs. They have a minder in their exhibit at all times. They're still young, but I imagine that will have to stop that soon. 

We also did a lot of dining out, and went to see Penn and Teller. Their magic show is very un-traditional and a lot of fun. 

The casinos went all out in their decorating. The Venetian and Palazzo featured a peacock theme that was quite pretty. The scale of the decorations is hard to capture, but the peacocks were enormous! I'd guess that the ornaments in the picture below are at least as large as a yoga ball.

The poinsettias below are the size of a coffee table.

Being Vegas, there are some strange contrasts. This menorah was in front of a fountain. I think someone forgot what the statuary was. As they say, it's the thought that counts! At least Hanukkah was not forgotten.

I'm home until Friday, when I have to go back to the office. I think I'm done with most of the duties that DH has assigned for me this week and can relax a bit before going back to the office. 

Have a wonderful holiday everyone, whatever you may celebrate (or not)! 

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Merry Christmas Nancy. :) K