Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Toile Liberty is Complete!

Just in time for Halloween!

It took  a while for the final steps. I do most of my sewing on the weekend, but DH and I had some other activities lately that took me away from the Sewing Cave. Plus, I was running low on the thread I used for this project and needed to restock. Isn't that often the way it goes?

Ultimately, I decided to go basic with the buttons. I decided on some simple pearlized plastic buttons that I had on hand. There are six in all. Buttonhole placement was a breeze, thanks to a new-to-me tool that I recently purchased from an estate sale. It's a Sim-Flex:

I can't believe I didn't acquire one of these long ago! It's so easy to use by simply expanding it. No measuring required, so it's easy to change your mind.

I used little Audrey for the buttonholes since my Bernina doesn't have an automatic buttonhole function. Go figure!

I really love this pattern, so I anticipate making at least one more even though it's fairly distinctive. Here are a couple more shots from the side

and the back.


ClaireOKC said...

I love that you matched the design in front. The fun thing will be to see who notices - either designers or other artists!!

RhondaBuss said...

Looks wonderful. I had to really look to get the fabric that I purchased and only 2 1/2 yards so I may not be able to do the nice matching that you did.

Martha said...

I love this! What a great fabric for a great pattern. I need to move this pattern back up in the queue. I too love the matching you did down the front. I also really like your collar better than the one in the package. Any special tips for achieving such a pretty mandarin collar?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, love the design matching. Nice job, Nan!

ACorgiHouse said...

I also immediately noticed the perfect matching.... I love it! K