Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Shopping

Sunday was a busy day--church, a hair appointment, and dinner out. I had a little spare time between church and hair, so I visited JoAnn's and Hancock Fabrics. I am trying to limit my fabric shopping for a while with limited success. Less fabric is coming in and I'm still buying, although I'm being more discerning. So partial success.

As expected, sales at both stores...and I'm not on a pattern diet. I found several patterns I actually liked and the price was right. Between them, McCall's, Butterick, Vogue and Simplicity were all on sale.

We shall see what eventually gets made and when. I think I was really in a jacket mode when selecting patterns, though.


Mary said...

As fall gets closer, jackets are on my mind also. You picked up some cute patterns. B5927 looks very chic!!

Claire S. said...

Enjoy your new patterns ! Our Simplicity and New Looks were on sale this week and I picked up both of the 1940s tops. So cute, and my DSIL liked them too. I have a feeling I may be making a couple of them :-)