Thursday, September 5, 2013

Artists' Celebration and Show at St. Michael and All Angels

Weekend before last, my church sponsored a show and sale. I decided to participate even though I don't sew for others and don't have any real desire to start. However, I did want to put myself out there and stop being so darn quiet about a craft that I love and spend so much time on.

Let's face it, garment sewing went through a lengthy period of unpopularity; why put yourself in that category? Thankfully things are changing. Also, the economics of custom sewing have been affected by fast fashion too. Non sewers often don't understand the true cost of clothing when it doesn't come from a 3rd World factory. Or they want you to do their mending. For almost nothing

Well, in spite of all that, I put myself out there and received many positive remarks about the clothing I brought to show but not sell. I decided that my purpose would be educational instead of commercial this time around. I brought flyers for ASG, so people could check out a meeting if they had an interest in learning to sew or picking it up again.

I also enjoyed meeting other artists/artisans/craftspeople from our church community. We have a lot of talented people with a wide range of interests--jewelry, photography, quilting, pottery, woodworking, even icon-writing. I picked up a few items for myself--a bracelet, a wooden cross, and a lathe-turned crochet hook .

If I do this again, I think I will make some items for sale. Not clothing, smaller items. After all, St. Michael's still needs to pay off its new building, and part of show's purpose was fund-raising.


Martha said...

What a cool idea this show is. And how fun to start with the show part first. Your wardrobe looks mighty nice too.

RhondaBuss said...

What a great way to showcase the art of sewing.

Mary said...

You did a lot of good by sharing your talents and love for sewing!!

a little sewing said...

I really like that concept - being able to show and educate. It sounds like a wonderful environment for that because you were part of a mix with other artisans and craftspeope.