Saturday, September 29, 2012


I suppose I'm way behind the curve with this one, but I'm finally getting around to TSW's Liberty Shirt.      For this initial effort, I'm using a cotton fabric that's been in the stash for a number of years. It's probably a quilting fabric, but a higher quality one at least.

I found that the pattern took more fabric than indicated on the envelope, I have less fabric than originally thought* and I'm matching patterns, so I'm not using the collar piece from the envelope. Instead, I'm making a simple banded collar that I was able to eke out of some scraps that were left after cutting the main pieces.

I started sewing it this morning and so far, so good. The front and back pieces are sewn together and (mostly) hemmed. I am ready to start working on that collar next.

But time to stop for now. I have a football game this afternoon which is actually a work event. Our team won tickets to the UNM Lobos game as the result of a charity drive, so attendance is in order.

*Edited 10/23/12. Actually had less fabric than indicated on pattern!

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