Monday, February 20, 2012

TSW Stella Version 2, Part One

I made this pattern for the first time in December and liked how it came out. I did need to tweak the top a little, and those changes have been transferred to the pattern pieces. The modified pattern is shorter through the body and the sleeves are narrower.

For this version, I'm using the taupe rayon jersey with nailhead embellishment that I bought in January. It was a bolt end from Casual Elegance, so the price was very reasonable.

Since this is a knit and pretty drapey, I changed the way I cut the cowl. I folded out the hem on the pattern piece, folded the fabric crosswise, then laid the neck edge of the pattern piece on the fold. The resulting cowl will be a double layer on the lengthwise grain. This change takes more fabric but will result in a more finished look than a hemmed neckline edge.

The nailheads are actually little plastic dots, not metal. I cut the pattern pieces out with a rotary cutter, and had no problems cutting through them. I sewed some samples, and both stitching and serging were fine. Pressing requires some care though. Even on low heat, touching the dots with the iron takes off the metallic "nailhead" finish. So I've been hovering the iron over the fabric without touching it, steaming, then finger-pressing. Alternatively, steaming through a press cloth has also worked.

The top has gone together fairly well so far. I've made it as far as sewing the cowl. It's mostly attached, but the point is going to require a little finessing to be balanced, centered and neatly sewn. A good point to stop for the evening and let Stella rest on the dress form.

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Linda said...

I purchased this pattern right after release but yet to make it up. I am trying to visualize how you did the cowl neck. I am thinking of making up the yellow one for spring/summer.