Saturday, January 7, 2012

Oy Vey

The new year has been incredibly busy so far, so no sewing projects thus far in 2012. I did do some post Christmas shopping, however. Most of it was via the internet but I also dipped a toe into the consignment shopping pool.

First up, some new fabrics from Casual Elegance, both are knits:

Both of them appeared on the site last fall but I've been trying to restrain myself. When I noticed that they were in the remnant section, I could no longer resist! The top one is much prettier in person, with little raised gold dots on a nice taupe shade. The second one is a burnout knit with a few splashes of silver.  2 yards of each. I'm really looking forward to playing around with these.

Next up, another internet purchase from, which is Zappo's clearance site. They don't have as great of a return policy as the main site but it was the year end clearance and free shipping, so I took a chance.

I lightened the picture a bit so you could see a little more detail, but these are dark black suede in real life. This is the second pair of Naya that I've purchased and they're really comfortable and well made. They'll be great to wear at work.

As I mentioned, a little consignment shopping. 2 Time Couture is located a couple of freeway exits from my office in downtown so I stopped by on my way home from work for their post holiday sale. And I bought these:

I know, "eww, used shoes, what are you thinking?" But folks, these had minimal wear, maybe worn once. I've bought "new" shoes that had more wear on them from try ons. Leopard hair calf with dark brown patent leather accents! How fun! The heels are a little high but quite stable.

I also bought some underthings at Soma's sale but pardon me if I don't post them here. You know what undies look like and besides, they're in the laundry.

My sister in law is flying in from New Jersey tomorrow, so I'll be cleaning instead of sewing today. And I'm being totally lax, but the Christmas stuff is staying up for a little while longer. I just don't have the energy to take down the decor before she arrives. It's a relatively modest display anyway, and somebody should see the tree besides DH, me and the cat.


Linda T said...

Some great scores!

Debbie Cook said...

Yes! Someone else besides me has been shopping. Love those leopard shoes! If you're worried (and by the looks of them, I wouldn't be), a quick spray with Lysol will take care of just about anything.

Doobee64 said...

Love the fabric - what are your plans with them???

shams said...

I especially like that first fabric and those *great* black suede shoes!

Glad you are having fun! :D

prttynpnk said...

4 great purchases...I'm off to that zappos sale site! What are you planning for the 2nd fabric?

Martha said...

I look forward to seeing what you make with your pretty fabrics. And the shoes - oh, my - love both pair.

Duchesse said...

Cute shoes! I have no reticence in buying used shoes; many people buy them and wear them once- fewer feet in there than trying on in store. And if they look a bit more worn, I spray with antiseptic foot spray. That's how I got a pair of $600 Prada suede and alligator pumps for $50.