Saturday, December 31, 2011

December Wrap Up

Yes, I'm still here and finally coming up for some air now that the holidays are almost over. I've been crazy busy at work since a lot of people took time off between Christmas and New Year's. Reminder to self: be one of those people in 2012!!

I haven't been a total drone, oh no. DH and I escaped to Las Vegas last weekend for dining and a show, specifically "Jersey Boys" at the Palazzo. It's a fun musical biography of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. Do go see it if you can, especially if you like 1960s rock and roll. Amazingly enough, the trip was less expensive than a trip to Santa Fe--yes, including air fare. The hotels have crazy deals at Christmas--we stayed at the Mirage and the room cost $65 Friday night, and $85 Saturday. Plus resort fee of course, but that's still quite a deal!

My big splurge over the weekend was a new iPhone, purchased at the Fashion Show Mall, which has every major department store from Dillard's and Macy's to Saks, Nieman's, and Nordstrom. Amazing place. We even saw a Christmas floor show pageant, complete with Santa and his very svelte showgirl elves. Anyway, I'm all set up with the new 4S. Siri and I are trying to reach an accommodation; the girl has attitude.

And of course, I managed some sewing between the last post and this one.

Like many others, I made Shams' famous TableCloth skirt. However, I ended up making some alterations to it after its first wearing. I have hips about 3-4" below my waist and carry most of my (excess) weight there as well. So for me, the original pattern just had too much fabric in that area, and I felt very wide. I ended up taking off the waistband and making darts at each corner of the original square to eliminate some of the volume. I think it helps but I have to confess that I've had the revised version on around the house but haven't actually "worn" it yet. I hope it works out in a real wearing, as I really like the fabric and the asymmetrical hem. If I like the revised skirt and want to make another one, I'll convert the square into 4 trapezoid-like pieces rather than making darts. It's worth playing around with, and a warm-weather version would be nice to have.

I also made yet another Loes Hinse Cowl Top, finishing it up last night. I love this pattern--it goes together so quickly and is comfortable and flattering to wear in both the short and tunic lengths. This version is an acrylic blend sweater knit that I ran across at Hancock's Fabrics last fall. This is a revival of the same fabric as the vintage cardigan that I made from stashed sweater knit. It's very soft and feels very much like real wool. I think I'll wear it a lot this winter, with jeans and more dressed up clothes. I have another piece of it in the Sewing Cave, so I may make another version soon.

I'm not big on year end wrap ups for myself nor lots of resolutions. I've tried both in past years and I'm just kind of "meh" about doing it again. 2011 was a mixed year for me, but I'm hoping (as always) that 2012 will be better.

As far as sewing goes, I want to continue to make it a priority, but I think I'll lay off the sewalongs in 2012. I did garment-a-month and jacket-a-month this year and was relatively successful. I made at least one garment every month in 2011 and ended up with 8 jackets. I think challenges and sewalongs can be helpful in kickstarting sewing mojo, but they can also become production for production's sake.  I'm planning to continue to sew down my stash  in 2012, but with a few well chosen fabric acquisitions too. I want to keep sewing fun. For me, new fabric is part of my sewing enjoyment so I don't see myself stopping the acquisitions altogether.

Have a joyous and safe New Year!!  See you in 2012!


Linda T said...

Like your skirt with its modifcations; I've still got one of those in my plans.

Debbie Cook said...

Oh, Vegas for Christmas 2012 has some possibilities. ;-)

Happy New Year Nancy!

shams said...

Your skirt looks great, as does your cowl top! (What a scrummy color.) I added your skirt to my gallery. :)

I'm not a big one for end-of-year wrap-ups either. :)

Happy 2012!

Gorgeous Things said...

Happy New Year!!! Siri started out great, but lately she's been ignoring me. I gotta b*tch slap some sense into that gal. Enjoy your iPhone!

Sherril said...

Las Vegas is my new favorite weekend get-away because it's so affordable. I go with girlfriends, we bring our own drinks and breakfast for the room, share the cost of gas and hotel fee and it's a great cheap weekend away. Enjoy that new phone, someday I'll enter the smart phone era.

Jane M said...

I've been so eager to see Jersey Boys, quite envious of your trip. Love the color and fabric for the LH top. Enjoy your new phone and hope it's a great 2012.

gwensews said...

Your skirt is so darned cute! Happy New Year!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Love the color on that sweater! Happy New Year--I hope 2012 is a happy and healthy one for you.