Sunday, August 14, 2011

My View from the Kitchen Sink

A couple of weeks ago, hostess of the humble bungalow shared some still shots of her kitchen sink and invited her readers to share their views. Lately, my views have been nonexistent since we've been keeping the blinds closed in attempt to cool the house. One recent morning, I pulled them up so you could see what I normally see when the weather is more temperate.

The side yard is in some disarray right now, since last winter's extended cold wiped out all of my Mexican bird of paradise trees. They're putting out new growth but the established trees died and will have to be removed. You can also see a bit of my neighbor's house. Occasionally, wild life will be on top of the wall--I've seen several roadrunners, quail, doves, and even a hawk perched there at various times.

The wine bottles are the D'Aquino wine assortment, DH's family name before being slightly modified. The wine maker is actually a distant relative. The wine isn't expensive, but the bottles are pretty to look at. The family crest is even embossed on several of the bottles.

The figurine to the right of the bottles is a madonna from South America. She's made of recycled soda bottles. I bought her several years ago from a local fair trade store as Christmas decor, but I like her so much that she stays on the windowsill year round.

There's a Mexican ceramic cross to the left of the window. I bought it on a trip to San Antonio. The design features chiles so it's perfect for Albuquerque. Below the window is a tinwork retablo of San Pascual, the patron saint of the kitchen. The picture above was taken with the natural morning light, so the interior details are dark.

This one was taken with flash, not as aesthetically pleasing but what are you gonna do?

This shot also captures the crystal collection that hangs from the sink's overhead light fixture. The largest one is a water prism that shoots rainbows all over the room.

It's a pleasant kitchen with lots of light and counter space. This part of the house has an open floor plan so whoever's cooking isn't isolated. 


hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Hi Nancy,
I just linked your kitchen views on my blog. Thanks for joining in...
I love that cobalt blue bottle...I'm thinking how pretty it would look with some sunny yellow blooms.

meredithp said...

Very nice. Shame about your trees. I didn't even realize that bird of paradise came in a "tree" version.