Sunday, July 31, 2011

More Loes Hinse Tank Dresses

It's still hot as blazes here, plus our local "monsoon" season has begun. The rain is welcome, but the moisture is making things a little sticky around here.

As a result, I'm trying to dress for the heat with a couple more dresses from the Loes Hinse Tank Dress pattern. It goes together so easily and it's cut so that bra straps don't show.

It's also a great stash buster, especially now that I've modified the dress to knee length. I can cut a dress out of 2 1/3 yards of 44" wide fabric. That's minimal, and I'm able to use cuts of fabric that I've loved collecting but are a little too short to use for other projects. So far, I've used rayon (see this post), a mystery poly/cotton blend,

 and cotton.

(These were really quick shots that I took just as it started to rain, so I didn't get them on Ms. Acme as well as I would have liked.)

Although I sew and wear synthetics, I'm avoiding them for now since I'm going for breezy comfort.

Each dress has fit a bit differently, depending on fabric weight and fiber content. The basic style lines also allow details to be changed, eliminating the "cookie cutter" look. My favorite of the three is the yellow one due to the elastic placement and drape of the fabric. In spite of some poly, it's very comfortable to wear. The cotton is a little stiff for this pattern but good quality and looks better on me than on the dress form.

I think I'm going to stop with dresses for now and move on to the tank top portion of this marathon. I can fill in some of the holes in my summer wardrobe while it's still warm enough to wear them.

Then I'm taking a brief hiatus from personal sewing so I can do the final stage of the vestments project--the gold stoles. My goal is to have them completed by the first week of September. Who am I kidding? I'll be sewing stuff for me while working on the vestments. But I do need to finish them by September.


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I really like these. None of them look the same and are probably perfect for the summer heat and stickiness! I'm sure they all work well with jackets/sweaters for the airconditioning too.

Little Hunting Creek said...

These are so pretty!

meredithp said...

Another great group. I wish we could have some "monsoons".

gwensews said...

You find the absolutely coolest prints! I want to go shopping with you! Super dresses, hopefully that will help keep you cool until Mother Nature becomes a bit more cooperative.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

The elastic placement on the top one is a great little touch. Looks like it is flattering and comfortable to wear.