Sunday, May 15, 2011

ASG Sale Patterns

I got patterns, too. My tastes are very similar to whoever assembled this stash. Again, I could have gone crazy with pattern buying but controlled myself. I'm actually trying to cull some of my collection! My purchases were limited to just a few that really "called out" to me.

This Marcy Tilton is one of the first Vogue issued. As I recall, the guide sheets had several techniques for fabric manipulation.

This copyright 1995 Vogue was a new one to me. I'd never wear the whole ensemble together, but the individual pieces are appealing. I was drawn to the culottes (!), thinking they were a skirt. I'd make them from a drapier fabric, though. They reminded me of an Issey Miyake skirt that I'd love to make if I could ever find the pattern for a decent price. In the meantime, these Montana culottes will work.

This one is copyright 1987, but I've been noticing similar pieces in RTW lately. Yes, the 80's are back but hopefully in a good way. Can anyone tell me about Carol Horn? Her name is vaguely familiar but other than that, nothing. I feel like she's a name I should know.

This one is copyright 1995. Anne Klein is a classic design house, and this group of blouses is no exception. I especially like the ones in the two smaller photos on either side. Very wearable.

All of the above cost $2 each, and there were many others at that price. There were also many for $1 each. I think all of them were unused. 

Now indulge me, because I'm going to take a moment to vent. My complaint is not about the sale but about behavior. This sale was a fundraiser for the ASG and all the items, 2 rooms worth, were contributed by an estate. It was organized by the officers and members, all of whom are volunteers.

And yet certain member(s) felt it was necessary to comment about how the sale was conducted, believing that the items should have been photographed and posted on the chapter website. Yes, really.  In addition, there was a complaint that items should have been priced even lower, like at giveaway prices. I was appalled! 

I've been an officer and know how much time and effort it takes to organize an event like this. Also, the point of a fundraiser is to raise money for chapter activities. Finally, there is a responsibility to the donor. 

Of course, the comments came from those who seldom volunteer but are always eager to critique those who do. Get.Over.Yourself. 

There, I've said it. And lest anyone think I'm being unfair, this is something I've already said in person in the past and I'd do it again. 


Mary said...

Nancy, You picked up some gems! Do you think you will start on these right away? I love the Carol Horn top and pants, though the jacket would overwhelm my short self. Isn't the model's pose reminiscent of Sandra Betzina's book Power sewing?

I hear you about the behavior of some at the ASG sale. Some people are habitually critical-what with that?

NancyDaQ said...

Hi Mary, I think you're right about the model's pose. I remember thinking I'd seen it somewhere else and Power Sewing was it!

I buy a lot of patterns "on spec," which is why I have a big collection. I would like to put the Carol Horn collection on the short list, though. I'm not tall either, but I didn't see the duster as being overwhelming as long as the proportions were fine tuned a bit. Like you, I really liked the top and pants. I'd also love to have a pair of sandals like the ones on the envelope too! I'm a sucker for styling, I guess.

I don't understand how people can live with a consistently negative attitude. How do they even get up in the morning?

Melodye said...

"How do they even get up in the morning"

It's their reason for existing.

I love that Anne Klein blouse, I'll have to keep an eye out.

Mary Beth said...

Love that Montana pattern. Not a good one for me, too much fabric and too long, but it's really lovely. You all have such good fun (except for that small gaggle of critics) Keep up the fun!

me said...

Nancy - what GREAT finds. I have that CH pattern plus a couple of others. I've kept Montanas also. I pulled out the CH and made the top last year - I need to cut the neckline down. I 'may' revisit. Don't you just love all the old patterns. AND your fabrics are nice. I'm afraid I'd have gone a bit more overboard, however!!
Marciae - - SG

Sharon said...

Ooooo, I love the Claude Montana pattern. I have quite a few of his designs although I have yet to actually sew one :-)

Can't tell you much about Carol Horn except that she had a number of Vogue Pattern designs over the years.

And I think $1 to $2 is already bargain-basement prices, too bad there was some disagreement on that.

sdBev said...

You have my attention and complete support as far as the complainers about the ASG sale. My father arranged a family reunion for the last 10-12 years of my grandparents lives. No one helped him. Often, he bore the costs which means of course, that we, my sisters and mother did without so that "they" could have a reunion. He listened to their complaints for years. Offered to change things, if they would bear the cost. I kept my mouth shut as I, a child, listened to unwarranted complaints and criticisms of my father. The loudest to complain were the loudest to whine when the family reunions were no longer organized. My father said simply that he did it for his parents. He would be willing to assist and help anyone who wanted to organize and execute future reunions. No one came forth. They were content to merely whine that no one was doing anything. Ironic, huh?

Peggy's Closet said...

Some people seem to thrive only when they can criticize or ridicule. Ugh. I wish there were a magic spell to wipe out such unpleasantness.

But, on a different note, I LOVE these patterns! Am seriously coveting them! ~ Peggy