Saturday, May 14, 2011

ASG Sale Fabrics

I had time for photos because DH took my car to the carwash. It's not that I'm trying to hide anything, but he doesn't get fabric/pattern/blogging. Throwing stuff on the floor beneath the skylight and taking pictures doesn't make a lot of sense to him. It's easier to do it when I'm home alone.

Anyway, here goes. This first one is cream with woven dots. I think it's linen but I haven't done a burn test on any of these yet.

This one is either rayon challis or viyella. I'll be holding off on working this one at least until fall.

This one is definitely silk. It's blouse weight and has a great hand. I'm still collecting black/cream/khaki fabrics to coordinate, so this one will be a good one to add to that wardrobe.

Another one for the black/cream/khaki collection. The color is richer in real life. I don't know if you can tell, but the roses and plaid are woven into the fabric, not printed. My guess is rayon. It's fairly heavy, but quite drapy.

This one is cotton gauze and lightweight. The width is narrow, so probably Indian hand-lomed. It'll be perfect for summertime.

All of the above fabrics except the gauze were $4 per yard. The gauze was $2 per yard. I was tempted to buy more but held back since the Sewing Cave is already full of fabric.


shams said...

Really nice! I especially love that plaid gauze. :)

Gorgeous Things said...

Awesome fabrics! Love the new blog look too.