Thursday, April 14, 2011

Crazy Feet

Are you familiar with It's the outlet division of Zappos. Through the wonders of e-commerce, they send a daily email. Usually I click it right into the Trash file, but I saw these on sale last week:

And those were a pretty close copy of these Kork-Ease that I'd been coveting:

At a price of $24 vs. $150, I clicked to buy. They arrived at my house on Tuesday. Hoo boy, I like them but they're a bit more extreme than I was expecting.  They're tall--1 5/8" in front, rising to 4 1/4" at the heel. In spite of all that, they're surprisingly comfortable because the foot itself isn't bent into a Barbie doll angle. Yes, I wore platforms the first time around in the 70s and the time after that, so I guess I'm not a believer in the adage that you shouldn't wear a trend again if you wore it the first time.

The other pair was more reasonable: 

These are Clarks and the second pair I've bought in this style. They'll look fine with trousers and skirts, are walkable, and are not overly "comfort shoe" looking. I had a neuroma in my left foot last year, and although I'm hanging onto my business banking heels for now, I'm trying to spend most of my time in shoes that don't crowd my toes or force them forward. That means wearing shoes that are somewhat sensible, even though I may veer into crazy platforms from time to time. 

The podiatrist has signed off on this, probably because she knows I'll comply better with fewer restrictions. Yes, she understands how I am.


Sewfast said...

Great shoes! I love have some killer deals, but like you I often just send it to the trash lest I be tempted. There are certain brands though (Dansko, Tsubo, Earth...) that I can't resist!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Nice shoes...I'm always looking for new spots to buy them so I will check out the outlet link you supplied. Thanks!

sdBev said...

Great shoes and thanks for the link. I love shoes, but not todays prices.

Duchesse said...

L ved KorkEez in the '70s but can't wear that height anymore. But I do think they make a lower model, around 2".

Linda T said...

Wow - almost an exact match!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Love that first pair! My shoes are all "comfort shoe" looking, alas, due to my flat feet. Although comfort shoes do come in some decent styles these days. I loooove 6pm. They have a lot of my money.

MarthaR said...

Love your shoes selection. I have the same problem, and I am hoping to find something stylish and suitable that is also comfortable for my "banking" job. You must have purchased the last pair of Clarks in that style... Couldn't locate them. :-) I haven't ordered yet from this company, but hopefully I'll find the right style. Hope the fit is true to reg size. We'll see. Thanks for the hint for the site. And thanks for the wonderful fashions that you share with us. Summer time is just about upon us, so we need the cool dresses and nice sandals to keep us looking put together. Thanks for sharing.

Martha in MS.