Saturday, March 12, 2011

Loes Hinse Bergman Blouse

I mentioned in the Casual Elegance post that I've become enamored with Loes Hinse's jacket tweak of this pattern. I decided to make a blouse first, rather than jump in and start cutting my lovely chenille without a clue of how the pattern fits. No, I haven't made it before.

I used some inexpensive lightweight poly faille from Hancock's for the blouse. So inexpensive, it wouldn't matter if it was a disaster, plus there was plenty left for recutting if needed. In other words, no psychic cost.

Fortunately, the blouse came out well and it fits! The print coordinates well with denim, navy, red, pink, and green. Even orange works! I wore it to jury duty with an orange tweed Talbot's jacket (photo here) and this navy pair of TSW Urban pants. It was comfortable to wear throughout the long day of sitting and waiting.

Based on the blouse sample, I've decided to add 1" to each of the jacket side seams as "seam insurance," a total of 4" around the circumference. Easy enough to whack off if I don't need it, but there just in case I do. I'm really looking forward to working with the chenille. Both pieces are beautiful and soft.


Duchesse said...

One perfect blouse that goes with everything is solid gold. In my new "pruned wardrobe" lifestyle this would have pride of place. Brava!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I like how versatile the print is on the blouse and that it can be worn with so much. I'm sure the chenille will be a pleasure to sew.