Thursday, June 17, 2010

The BIG Project: My Hearts a Flutter Lower Band

Incremental progress and a quick post.

I had problems wrapping my head around the process of making those uneven miters for the intersecton of slits and hem. Although I've made this top before, my brain wasn't processing Louise Cutting's excellent guide sheet instructions in the least. I couldn't find Linda Lee's small book on miters and totally forgot that I have the Taunton(?) book that she wrote on the same subject.

After many false starts, I finally worked through it and got all 4 miters done last night. They're not the best I've ever done, but maybe the best possible for this fabric/interfacing combination? Know what I mean? Anyway, they look fine from the visible side, and no one's going to be flipping up the hem at the wedding. So no worries. And it's a good thing that the band will be lined--it will have the illusion of perfection at least.

Before I got ready for work this morning, I hand stitched the seam allowances and hems to the silk organza. It only took a few minutes. Now the band is ready to be attached to the top. I'll probably machine baste it first--easier to make any adjustments if needed.

Also, thanks to you readers who have posted comments. It's really meant a lot to receive supportive messages on this project.

Now that the ensemble actually looks like something, I'm hoping to post some photos this weekend, so stay tuned!


a little sewing on the side said...

I am looking forward to seeing your pics. It sounds so pretty every time I read a post.
What fun to be sewing your wedding ensemble!! congratulations :)

Terri K said...

I hope you don't mind that I e-mailed Louise Cutting to tell her to check out your blog posts about this important ensemble. I'm sure she will be thrilled that you are using her top for The BIG Project!

Duchesse said...

Miter? I can do it on a bed. Will we see the ensemble or wait for the wedding pictures?