Monday, December 28, 2009

Shopping in Vegas

In a word, it's amazing.

Everytime I'm there, I'm always surprised at the sheer number and variety of luxury retail shops and how busy they all were. I counted at least 4 Louis Vuittons and 2 Chanels, among many more.

These 2 windows are from one of the Chanels. You can't tell from the photos, but the tweed shown had a lot of gold metallic in the fabric.

The following window is from Alexander McQueen's store at the Wynn. The clothes shown were totally different than those at the Bellagio. The red dress on the left was really interesting. The fabric started at the collar as a houndstooth, then morphed into birds. It appeared to all be in the weave. How'd they do that? The jacket was made of an obviously faux fur, but I really like the lines of it.

These shoes were also from McQueen. I thought they were clever, with the zipper trim and skull pulls. I could see wearing them to the office, really!

I don't know who makes these bags, but I thought they were cute, especially the ones with the flower ruffles. They were in the window of a leather goods store so I couldn't see the brand.

Did I buy any of this stuff? Umm, no. This was shopping as inspiration.

I did go to the Fashion Show Mall later in the afternoon after DF went back to the hotel. The place was hopping, and honestly, I got pretty overwhelmed so I didn't buy much. I mean, 6 major department stores? Pu-leeze!! I ended up getting a little fleece jacket at the ABC Store (what is the deal with them? Hawaii merchandise everyplace!!). I also bought this pair of Sofft pumps:


Rose said...

Wow! thank you for sharing your inspirational shopping trip. it's fun to see how the designers handle a fun print (I'm thinking of the McQueen Houndstooth-to-birds-Escher print). The ruffly-flower handbags remind me of HotPatterns' "Share the Love Ruffled Tote" bag. fun! fun! fun! :)

Rose in SV

Sewfast said...

We were in Vegas a couple weeks ago and I was quite taken with the houndstooth-to-birds Escher print too!!! I did a lot of inspiration shopping too...much cheaper!!!

BeeBee said...

Did you pet the wool at the Zegna stores? Soooo soft.

ACorgiHouse said...

Love the pumps, and the ruffled bags. Reminds me I need to head back to Vegas soon, been a few years. It amazes me that you can hit so many high end shopper's meccas so close together, certainly more efficient than NYC or Paris! And gamble too! K

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Those shoes are adorable! Love that houndstooth/bird print.

Duchesse said...

I find "luxury" malls depressing and soulless, which is why I so admire your sewing skills. I'd far rather look for a personally-curated boutique than another Vuitton.