Sunday, December 27, 2009

Home, Home Again

Like BeeBee and her family, DF and I went to Las Vegas for the weekend. Unfortunately, we didn't have a chance to meet this trip although we at dinner only a few yards apart from each other at the Venetian on Christmas night.

DF and I are creatures of habit, so we stayed at the Mirage again. It's a nice property and centrally located on the Strip, so it works for us. It was incredibly crowded, as was every place we went! We spent a lot of time wandering from casino to casino, eating (Onda at the Mirage, Margaritaville, B & B at the Venetian, Stratta at the Wynn, and Wolfgang Puck at the MGM Grand) and drinking. We also went to see David Copperfield's show--yes, I know it's all smoke and mirrors, but how?

It was a quick trip for us, only about an hour's flight. It was wonderful to get away from cold and quiet New Mexico, just as wonderful to come home. 3 days at a time is just about enough for us.

Oh and BeeBee, I have no idea about New Year's. How about a warm beach somewhere?

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BeeBee said...

Ohhhh, Aruba sounds nice. My son wanted to see Jerry Seinfeld, but my husband and I were less enthusiastic and vetoed the request (we own the money). We had a drink at Margaritaville, but didn't eat there this time. And I agree, more than 3 days in Sin City is just too much.