Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Another Project: TSW Ikina Jacket

Yep, I'm starting with another project before finishing the last one. The lining of the Butterick skirt is completed and attached to the skirt, so now I'm taking a little break before finishing it up. I know, that's a way to make a UFO (unfinished object for you non-sewers), but the cool weather has me wanting to make something more wintery.

As a result, I'm making another version of the Sewing Workshop Ikina Jacket. I made a lightweight version from linen and rayon last summer, but this time I'm using this boucle that's been resting in my stash for a while:

It's heavier and less drapey, so I'm thinking this version will be more like a sweater. The photo above is a little bright due to flash, so here's another shot on Miss Acme that gives another perspective:

I'm also using the serger to construct this version. While steaming works, the fabric doesn't lend itself to hard pressing, and it also sheds like crazy on the cut edges. So serging is a good way to both sew up and finish off the seams.

On a tangent: Smudge has decided that the plant ledges make great perches to lounge upon. The picture below is from this morning. I took the shot from the kitchen at the end of the breakfast bar.


gwensews said...

That fabric is lucious. It should make a beautiful Ikana jacket. Kitty likes "alone" time too!

Lindsay T said...

That jacket looks very promising! Pretty bouclé.