Monday, October 5, 2009

The Tango is Complete

No pictures yet, though. I was feeling under the weather yesterday afternoon and didn't feel like posing or even setting up Miss Acme. I'll post a picture later when I get the chance. The skirt looks great, although I'm not wild about the fabric itself. It's some poly faille stuff that Joann's stocked a ton of several years ago--not as drapey as I'd like, and it did some strange torqueing when sewn even though I was careful to lay out each panel on grain. Even weirder, it seems to hang straight when on my body. Anyway, this will be my Garment of the Month for October.

I pinned up a preliminary hem on the UFO skirt, so it's ready to be marked, trimmed, and sewn. I was a little surprised at how much shorter the desired length is compared with a couple of years ago, because I'll be cutting off 5" at least.

I'm still working with the Pure and Simple top that I started working on earlier this summer. In search of the perfect shell, I guess. I started it at the September Material Girls; neckline is next.

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