Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another Home Improvement: Cat Door

I realize that a lot of people believe cats should be 100% inside creatures. However, both of my cats are old (10 and 19), and they've been indoor/outdoor their entire lives. I don't see changing anything at this point.

In particular, Smudge loves to hang out in his back yard at night, so DF has been the doorman since moving in. And he's tired of it. So we ordered a sliding glass door panel that includes a cat door. It was installed Thursday.

There is definitely a learning curve involved. Although the kitties have a cat door for their litter box area, they are resisting this one. That's why the flaps are taped up, to get them used to the concept. The plan is to put the flaps down once they are loving their in/out privileges. Cats don't like change. Even change that's good.


On the sewing front, I got more done on the Pure and Simple Shell! The neckline and armholes are complete and the hem is pressed up. Next up: hemming, followed by side seams. Yes, you read that right. The order of sewing is a little different than most patterns, but I'll do it Louise Cutting's way since this is her pattern.

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sensoussu said...

Did you remark that sewer have always at least one cat ( I got 3, and I'm a new little sewer! No special door, opening and clothing the door incessantly)

excuse my bad english

very interesting blog I'll come back to learn from u, thanks