Saturday, September 12, 2009

Moved In, Week 2

Another week, and we're moving along pretty quickly. DF's Man Cave is all set up except for the pictures on the walls, which he has asked me to help with. This weekend's big project is our shared office. Right now, DF's office things are still in boxes and strewn about, while I have a big mess hidden behind doors in the closet. First things first, we'll deal with the visible stuff! But at some point, the office closet will have to be dealt with.

And today, I'm actually planning on sewing! I'll be working on the pink Butterick 4194 skirt since it's already cut and partway done. And that will be the end of summer sewing for me. I'm really looking forward to starting on fall things. Even though it's still warm here and will be for a while, it's time to start working in a different color palette and with more structure.

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