Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Last Butterick 4194 of Summer

As I mentioned yesterday, we're 2 weeks in and things have settled down enough that I had some time to sew this weekend. I chose to make this using "known" machines, so alas, Audrey is still waiting for her turn to sew with me. However, I was looking for a simple, stress-relief project so I wanted as few unknowns as possible. Hopefully next time, girl.

I've already made several versions of this skirt so there aren't a lot of sewing details to share. The fabric is an embroidered linen blend from JoAnn's. The fabric speaks for itself so I kept the skirt simple, with no cargo pockets, etc. to distract. And due to being pastel, the fabric tends to shadow through, so I made the pockets from some beige voile that was in my stash--no show through and minimal bulk:

I don't know if I'll get much wear out of it since it's such a summertime design on the fabric, but it was a nice little project to end my summer sewing on.


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Wow! It's great to "see" you wearing one of your creations! Pretty skirt and it will be ready for next summer!

Shannon said...

What a pretty skirt on such a pretty lady!

Little Hunting Creek said...

So pretty! I hope it's warm enough there to wear it a couple times.

gwensews said...

It's a pretty skirt, for sure, and will be almost new again next spring.

Duchesse said...

I really like how the patten concentrates at the bottom, with the butterflys at the top!

I always chuckled at my famiy who lived in southwest FL- Nov. would come and they'd swap their pastels for dark brown and black-
"it's winter!" They liked to shift their palette even in 85 degree heat I guess.