Saturday, February 7, 2009

More on the Getaway

...and yes, there are pictures! At last!

Linda kicked us off with a trunk show Thursday evening. Of course, I was sitting on the end of the semi circle, so it wasn't easy to get good photos. But here are some of the better ones of the group. Linda is wearing a Zig Zag Shirt from one of her newer Sewing Workshop patterns in all of these photos. No doubt, you'll be seeing more over time.

This one features the t-shirt from the new Trio pattern. Love it. I already have visions of making it up many times in many variations. Lengthened it would be a fabulous dress. Linda brought two of these--the chartreuse one is wool jersey, and the other one was in poly/lycra. The rest of the pattern was pretty cool (the pants are wild, and yes, I think I'll make a pair), but pretty distinctive. However, the T a classic and the real reason to buy the pattern.

In the next picture. Linda is wearing the Valencia Jacket and is talking about the Peony Vest, in response to a question about how to find fabrics. The vest was made out of kimono fabric and has been worn so much that she keeps adding to it with bindings, etc. I've seen this vest before, but obviously it's a classic that keeps on going.

The next picture features the Zig Zag Shirt and Pants. The pants on this are fitted, with princess seams in the back of the leg and some detailing and the lower leg (which you can see in the photo). I haven't gotten this one yet, but I kind of like the idea of those pants. They'd be interesting in a small houndstooth, with the fabric turned to the bias in the lower leg section.

I bought 3 patterns, the Hudson, the Liberty Shirt, and the new Trio ensemble. I have to admit, I didn't much care for either the Hudson or the Trio by looking at the pattern envelope but they are beautiful made up. I tried on the Hudson Pants and really liked them, so that'll probably be what I make most from that one, although a touch longer since I'm not a huge fan of cropped pants--1970's youth, I suppose. Same thing with the Trio pants. Linda brought several Liberty shirts with her, and they are really great on. I'm thinking that it would be a nice pattern for a lightweight spring jacket for work. In other words, it's attractive and not too avant garde for banking (ha!!)

And yes, I did buy fabric I didn't "need," but wanted. I think I did ok. I got 3 pieces and a remnant at Satin Moon, one of our field trips on Friday.

Left: black rayon Japanese georgette. The colors are so beautiful, in this piece. Center: Japanese cotton lawn. Interesting print, one of the owners told me that the Japanese fabric companies are using more and more young designers for their prints, which is really showing in the designs and colorways. This one is a little retro in feel but the colors are combined in a different way. Right: this one is slightly felted, tie-dye wool from India. There was also a gray and black bolt, but I had to go for the colors. This one is definitely a coating weight. Oops, I neglected to take a picture of the remnant, but it's a very interesting upholstery tapestry.

Next are the two Ralph Lauren wool double knits I bought from Linda. Lush, and I'll never see anything like them at local stores. Notice the turquoise one will be perfect for this project (yes, still on the burner)

Of course, there was sewing. I was able to get quite a bit done on two garments, a Now shirt

and a Mimosa Top

The Now Shirt is complete except for buttonholes and buttons. I felt it was best to finish that at home since I neither had the buttons picked out nor knew the machine very well (machines were provided at the Getaway). The Mimosa is also pretty well along. I'm adding a lining because the fabric has a sticky texture from its silk/cotton content, and I didn't want to fight with the garment if I wore it with a t underneath. There really isn't all that much left to do--famous last words to be sure, but hopefully I'm right.

Linda also adjusted the Mimosa Pant pattern, which is a classic no waistband pant and a great basic. I'm pretty sure those are the same pants she's wearing in the trunk show pictures above (Terri, thanks for asking). So that's something else from the Getaway.


Terri K said...

Glad you had such a productive time at the workshop and thank you so much for posting all the photos!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Okay that was fun! Thanks for sharing all of the wonderful details...and the comment good enough for banking almost made my head spin around cause you know I had to sit up and take notice then! *LOL* Glad you had a good time and got some pieces almost finished. I know you will be wearing them soon!

emelle said...

thanks for the inspiring.

Nancy said...

It's so interesting, your descriptions, the photographs and your thoughts, a wealth of material and very generous of you to share it with all of us.
Wishing you lots of success with your sewing!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun and were very productive. You'll have fun sewing up those patterns!

Cennetta said...

Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm sure you've create some wonderful peices to add to your wardrobe. Such inspiration.