Monday, November 10, 2008

Downsizing and Reorganization, Part 2

I had the day off from work today and the weather was iffy this morning, so I worked on reorganizing all the fabric I pulled out Friday night. The discards are bagged and ready for giving away:

Then, I cleared out the sewing room closet and discovered that the Sterilite 20 quart containers fit perfectly into the space I had made. All the loose fabric in the picture below will eventually wind up in containers. I had several on hand but still need more.

The picture below shows some of the fabrics that I'm planning to sew soon.

From the top of the pile:

  • The stuff in the plastic bag is rolls of Pendleton wool binding (more on that later).
  • Cream and red toile will become pillow case covers for the master bedroom. DONE
  • Green bacon and egg print is flannel that will become a nightgown. DONE
  • Upholstery fabric remnant that will become a table runner DONE
  • Royal blue solid is rayon doubleknit for the Michelle Obama dress.
  • Taupe plaid wool, skirt.
  • Tan and brown plaid wool, skirt.
  • Black faux suede, skirt.
  • Cream and blue windowpane plaid wool, skirt.
  • Gray and black mottled looking fabric is actually an animal print sweater knit that will become a twin set.
  • Beige and plum fabrics below are coordinating knits. Another twin set.
  • Gold and black mottled fabric is stretch velvet that I'll use for a holiday top.
  • Blue geometric print is Pendleton blanket yardage. I've had it for years but it's bulky because it's a heavy weight wool. Time to become something! The binding will trim the edges of the coat, this is a typical finish for Southwestern blanket coats. Any leftover fabric will become accessories for DF's future Man Cave, which will have a Southwestern theme. Hopefully, there'll be enough for a throw, but if not, then accent pillows.

I know it seems pretty ambitious, and it is, but several of the items I've planned will be made from TNT patterns. I've made several of the pillow case covers, I have a pencil skirt and narrow A-line patterns for the skirts, and the twin set pattern is an old Kwik Sew. The velvet top is an untried Simplicity pattern (3536) that looks pretty simple, the coat is likely to be the Sewing Workshop's Soho Coat, and the nightgown is the tunic view from a Simplicity pattern (9505) I've already made.


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

There must be something in the air...I've been reorganizing my closet clothes closet not my fabric one!

I don't think your list is that ambitious at all...very doable as we slide into the winter months and spend more quality time at home.

Raesha D said...

Good job on the progress!!! I so need to do this....though I have to start with getting all my fabric in one spot - it's currently spread out throughout the house and in the garage.