Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Off to Lawn Guyland

DF and I are heading to NY early Thursday morning for a week of East Coast living. The first half is Long Island, where my sis' niece is getting married. The second half is north Jersey to visit DF's family in Bergen County.

Other than the wedding, a Broadway matinee, and a family gathering at DF's sister's house, I'm not sure what the agenda is. DF and I are both beat due to work and would like to de-stress by keeping the schedule simple. I know, I and Gotham don't exactly go together, but you do what you can. I've been working a series of long days and I desperately need a break.

I'm not sure how much computer access I'm going to have while I'm gone, so don't be surprised if it's quiet here at SewWest for a while.

Yo, get outta heah, will ya!?

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