Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Greetings from New Jersey: a Quick Update

8/21/08: Edited to add some links!

I'm still in the Tri-States, having left Long Island Sunday afternoon for DF's hometown, Hasbrouck Heights. This vacation has had a lot of activity, but here are a few highlights of our agenda:

  • Saturday: the fanciest wedding I've ever been to in my life, a complete bacchanal. I've never seen so much food and drink in my life! When I get back I'll post some photos and expand on what took place.
  • Sunday: off to meet with DF's family for a matinee production of Spamalot on Broadway. Do go see this if you ever have the chance. I laughed for 2 hours solid.
  • Sunday night: Dinner with DF's family at the Charthouse, which has a tremendous view of the NYC skyline. The website has sound (hate that!), but there are some nice photos.
  • Monday: off to NYC to the Empire State Building. We also went to Little Italy, which is almost gone, for lunch at Vincent's. I also made DF go up 7th Ave. to the Garment District to see the Needle and Button statue, also the Garment Worker statue. No time to shop, but now I know where to go. Unfortunately, we did not see Tim Gunn or anyone else from Project Runway (kidding!), although I did see Parson's.
  • Today: A tour of Northern NJ, including a visit to DF's oldest friend "Richie the Dentist." I think we're going out to dinner or something tonight.
Additional highlights included several experiences with mass transit, including the Long Island Railroad, the Jersey bus system, cabs, and the subways of New York. I know this may not seem like such a big deal to some of you, but remember that I'm a Southern girl living in the West and we don't really have mass transit. For the most part it was cool, and I'd definitely use it if I lived in a major metro area.


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I see the ChartHouse every morning and evening going into NYC...we've said several times that we would like to eat there but never have...did you like it?

As for the mass transit thing...sometimes the subway is the fastest way to get around the island...and you would definitely use mass transit...it's an automatic thing here...and I live in NJ and don't own a car!

Nancy (nanflan) said...

I thought the Charthouse was good! Let's see, I had salad, grouper, rice, and broccoli. Their specialty dessert is chocolate lava cake--yum--which we split amongst several people. I'm not sure about the prices, since our hosts paid. I'd guess high, given the location. Lovely atmosphere, try to get a window seat if you can.

I don't know if I'd go completely car-free. I'd like to have it for certain things. But not in the city. The Bride got a car for college graduation, then ended up living in Manhattan, so she stored it at her grandma's in LI and used it mainly for trips out of town.