Sunday, August 10, 2008

No Sew Saturday

I thought that would probably happen once DF and I decided to get together last night. He's working both days this weekend since we have the trip coming up, and the original plan was for me to be on my own Saturday and Sunday. Oh well. I do rather like seeing him...

I ended up doing a lot of running around yesterday. My Santa Fe needed its 45,000 mile maintenance, and the appointment was in the afternoon. The dealer is located across from the mall, so they offered to take me there while I was waiting. I didn't buy much except a couple of bras at Dillard's. I did get a little snoop shopping in, though. There were some neat things I may copy.

The first was using lace yardage as interfacing. I was looking at some sheer tunics that used this technique to line the front facing. At first, I thought they'd overprinted a design over the main print. But no, cream or white lace was layered between. The facing side was the same fabric as the tunic but a light colored solid. I'm going to have to try it or at least do a mock up. Cute idea.

I also saw some knit tops that were similar to Marcy Tilton's new T shirt pattern, 8497.

The shirts had the same basic design lines as the green view. The lap went the opposite way, and the edges were finished instead of raw. The fabric was a bold Ed Hardy style print, and the lap was finished off with large silver snaps. The snaps were the kind you apply with the plier-like tool, not the sew on ones that are so popular now, and were attached through all layers so not functional as snaps. I loved the look but $90 for a cotton/lycra t-shirt is ridiculous no matter how kewl. I wish I'd been bold enough to take a photo of the display with my cell phone, but I thought the store might have a problem with that. Maybe I'll go back and do so in the dressing room!! At any rate, I have a whole new appreciation for Marcy's design eye (as if I needed a reminder).

At that point, I got the dealership to pick me up as I was malled out and had a short wait. I did stop by Target on the way home. An Isaac Mizrahi skirt jumped into the cart; it'll be cute for vacation. Unfortunately, it's not on Target's web page, so I'll need to post a photo later. It could not be easier to make--a drawstring tube skirt with welt pockets from a ticking stripe. But there were some cute designer-y details so I went for it.

I also received my latest eBay purchase, a group of several designer Vogues I got for $7 plus shipping. I need to go through them for completeness, but there are some nice ones in the group. Patou, Ungaro, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Yves St. Laurent, Givenchy, Geoffrey Beene, among others. There are a few I won't be keeping but I'm really happy at this point. I picked up the package from the mailbox on the way to the dealer, so I had the chance to look at them while I was waiting. I can be such a dork at times (but I don't care)!

Smudge has managed to pull off his tail dressing, so I'm off to the vet again this morning. I'd given him a break from the collar and didn't watch him closely enough. Hopefully, it'll be quick if I get in there right as they open.

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