Saturday, May 31, 2008

Whoops, an Addendum

That meme I did on the 28th has been circulating on the blogosphere, and I've noticed that many responses have an additional question:

Jobs I have had

Hmm, I didn't answer that one. But here goes! These are the ones I've had since completing my formal education in the early '80s, starting with the most recent:

  • Business relationship manager for a large regional bank (my current job).
  • Back office support for a large mutual funds company.
  • Accounts receivable for an international medical supply company
  • The dreaded mortgage brokerage job I mentioned the other day.
  • Marketing rep and financial consultant (2 jobs) at a credit union.
  • Credit analyst and branch manager (2 jobs) at a large local bank in NM. This bank later became the bank I work for now.
  • Business relationship manager for a bank in Florida.
  • Loan officer for a non-bank lender in Florida.
  • Advisor/consultant for a Small Business Develpment Center in Mobile AL.
And before all that, a variety of jobs through school: waitressing, retail, etc.

No matter how bad the particular job has been, I've learned from each of them. I should be grateful for that.

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