Saturday, May 31, 2008


DF recently revealed that I would be receiving some "trinkets" in addition to the Las Vegas trip for my birthday. Granted, he did feel the need to warn me that this wasn't the type of gift-giving he'd be doing every year, just the "significant" ones.

Because he has a busy work schedule until the day we leave, he decided that I needed to receive the trinkets this weekend, so they could be ready for the trip. And here they are:

Much downloading and gnashing of teeth later, I have songs, video, and podcasts loaded onto the iPod Touch (but no wifi yet), and the headphones are ready to go.

DF is kind of tech-heavy on the gifts, which is OK by me!


Paul Sears Photography said...

very cool! My wife and I got a video ipod as a wedding gift last year, and we have never been happier. Makes a flight go by SO much quicker! Now I think the noise-cancelling headphones are next!

Claire said...

What awesome gifts! I think I'm one of the last humans without an Ipod. Maybe one day.

Miss Janey said...

These are some nice trinkets, for sure. Happy Birthday and trip.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Until I got a blackberry from work I didn't realize what the fuss was about the iTouch and iPhone but now I would gladly get rid of my blackberry and my iPod for an iTouch! Enjoy your wonderful new gifts and know that I am seriously gloaming on your iTouch!!!