Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cacti: Cholla

The large cholla in the front yard is starting to bloom. It only has a few flowers now, but before it's done, this cactus will be covered. See all those buds waiting to pop?

I love the color of its blooms. For the most part, cacti have very bright flowers. The barrel cacti (now finished) have bright orange, and the prickly pear (coming next) are a cheerful yellow shade.

This is a big plant--it's taller than I am; for reference, I'm 5'4". For years, birds have had a nest inside. What a great place to protect those babies!

For the most part, it's been unseasonably cool this spring. I'm still running the furnace from time to time. Usually, daytime temperatures are in the 90's by now. Thursday, we topped out in the low 60's, low 70's yesterday, and may reach 80 today. Brrr!!


Claire said...

Gorgeous flowers..... We may hit 80 today and it will feel like a heat wave since CT has been on the chilly side this spring. Heck, chilly is an's been freezing cold. ;o)

JuliaB said...

Wow .. i guess that means that we are positively arctic here in the UK where it is on just about trying to get to 20!

I hope you don't mind, I have tagged you on my blog!