Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sewing Room Activity

2/11/08: ETA another RTW item that I hemmed this weekend.

No "real" sewing this weekend, although I spent plenty of time in the sewing room. I faced my nemesis, hemming of RTW, by working on 3 pairs of black pants. You see, I'm 5'4" but petite pants are too short on me. I've got to buy regulars and shorten them. Ugggghhhhh. Since I dread the task, I put it off as long as possible, so 2 pairs have been waiting in the queue for quite some time. Fortunately, they still fit. Oops, and forgot to mention I also hemmed up a gored skirt--serged the cut edge, pressed it up, and made a narrow machine hem. Great, I have more clothes for work!

I also picked up the latest Burda WOF, the one that Mardel featured on her blog. I just fell in love with the green twist front dress. Apparently, there is only one place in Albuquerque that sells this magazine, and I bought one of the last two in the store. That's just incredible to me. Oh, and that place is Page One Books.

My steam generator iron died this week after almost 7 years of service, so I did my first-ever foray into eBay. A new one is heading its way to me from New Jersey. Fingers are crossed that all goes well.


Bonnie D. said...

OMG, I can SOOOO relate. I am about 5'3 1/2" and have the same problem. Petite are too short; regular are too long. I HATE hemming RTW! You were smart to do several pair at a time.

cidell said...

I detest taking on clothes that are already altered.

First ever foray in to Ebay? Wow. Be strong!

Mardel said...

Oh geesh, I can relate to and maybe you have kicked me into hemming my own pants. I am taller, at 5'9" but my legs are too short for tall pants and too long for regulars so I always end up dong the same thing and I hate it.

Glad you got the Burda.

Anonymous said...


I will be visiting New Mexico in March, and I will be staying in Santa Fe. Can you suggest any fabric shops that I can check out?



Cennetta said...

I know how you feel. Alterations are painful. Frequently I'm asked to do them and the turnaround time to short. But, it takes me forever to do them for myself.

That Burda dress is sweet. I can't wait to get my next issue.

Happy shopping on eBay. Beware, it's consuming. ;-)