Sunday, January 27, 2008


Thanks for the positive vibes on my picture!

Blogger has apparently done an update that makes posting one's picture easier than it used to be. The photo is a cropped version of a picture taken by DBF's sister when she and her husband visited in October during Balloon Fiesta. Here's the whole thing:

This was at Sandia Peak, near the High Finance restaurant. Yes, wildlife is on the mountain, which rises just east of the Albuquerque city limits. Mountain lions, bears, and coyotes--oh my!! Yes, I'm truly living in the Wild West! And on a sewing note, I made the fleece jacket I'm wearing in the picture.

As for me, life has been unsettled lately. My boss/mentor moved to a different department and his former boss is handling things until a new department manager is hired. Oy!!! Let's just say that he loves his reports and metrics.

I had a nice day yesterday. I took my little SUV to the dealer for a checkup and ran into a former boss in the waiting room. That was fun! I haven't seen him for years, and it was neat to catch up with him. Then I went shopping and bought some new jeans. Amazingly, I fit into a 6 now. Lest you all say it's all vanity sizing, I fit into a size 10 of the same brand back in November (and was thrilled at the time). Plus, Kohl's had incredibly low markdowns and I picked up some spring items too. I find it difficult to pass by a cute top for $3.50 and other similar deals. Retail must really be suffering these days to offer such ridiculously low prices. I got a couple pairs of capris, a pair of shorts, a couple of tank tops and a skirt in addition to 2 pair of jeans.

I also got a "look" in traffic. OK, this is petty and vain. So what, it's nice to have a youngish guy give a wink and a smile while waiting for a traffic light! Even if it's just B.S., ok?!?


Rhoto said...

Hi, Donna! I tagged you (’cos I got tagged, eh!) for a quick survey if you’re interested… But don’t feel obligated… It’s just for fun!
Soft hug,

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

It's always nice to get a smile and a wink for a younger man! :)

carolyndh said...


You look really pleased and happy and very chic! Nice new photo.

Rachelle said...

Hey, a smile and a wink always goes a long way!

I love that sign - I'm thinking of getting one made for my craft room!

Phyllis said...

A size 6! Good for you! I have not been a size 6 since the first Bush administration.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy every positive moment! It's better than viagra for the soul!