Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sewing Travel

I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the things I learned about travel to sewing retreats, getaways, and so forth. I found that it's more challenging to to fly to an event, because you're much more limited in what you can pack.

  • Bring interfacing. I didn't and it would have been helpful to have some for the San Diego Jacket I started at the Getaway. It's cut from ravelly stuff, and interfacing the areas to be slashed would have improved the result at the neck/shoulder intersection.

  • Bring basting thread. I've become very fond of silk thread for basting, yet I forgot to bring a spool with me. Cotton just isn't the same.

  • Bring less fabric. I picked out a ton of fabric and even left some of it at home. Yet there was still a suitcaseful to drag around airports, the hotel, and the Sewing Workshop. And we also went on a shopping trip and bought more. The most prolific of the Getaway participants made only 3 garments and a muslin, so I could have edited out even more.

  • Bring muslin fabric. This is one fabric I didn't have but wish I did. Fortunately, the pants fit well from the tissue, but what if they hadn't? Muslin is insurance.

  • Tracing paper, same thing. Insurance.

  • Be sure to try on the trunk show items if allowed (and, IMO, you should be able to but ask anyway). It's a real plus to be able to check the fit or to explore whether a particular style suits you.

  • Bring sewing supplies and notions. I didn't regret bringing any of the scissors, marking tools, pins, measures, etc. that I brought. Do remember that you'll need to check these items!

  • A digital camera is a great tool to have. You can use it to take photos of details and processes, in addition to the usual vacation shots. And it's easy to share with your friends.

  • I brought a lot of patterns to the Getaway, and it was a positive thing for me. When I had to wait for the irons or sergers, I could cut patterns out.

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