Saturday, October 27, 2007

Personal Service

The past few days have been heavy with personal service people. I've recently visited the shoe guy, the alterations lady, and the watch guy. I'm happy that I know these folks. I mean, if you're going to have nice things, you should maintain them.

The shoe man is a real treasure. In the past 3 visits, he's put new heel taps on a favorite pair of pumps, replaced the rubber sole on a fabulous pair of clogs, and dyed a pair of orange pair of slingbacks (what was I thinking!?). So now I have 3 "like new" pairs of shoes.

The alterations lady shortened the sleeves on 2 jackets and 2 suits for me, and she also shortened the 2 pairs of suit pants. Yes, I know how to sew. But with the exception of very minor alterations, I go to Ms. Kim. She does a nice job on my RTW and I'm happy to support her small business. It was sweet but somewhat sad to hear her story of her little son who's trying to win the McDonald's sweepstakes so she doesn't have to work so hard any more.

I always figure that the watch guy is slumming a bit when he replaces the batteries in my many fashion watches. His real business is restoring antique and vintage watches to "like new" condition. Yet, he and his wife are cordial and cheerful whenever I bring in a new set of watches.

My dry cleaner picks up and delivers to my office. It saves time, and the company uses an environmentally friendly process besides.

People that perform these kind of services are becoming fewer in number as the result of an increasingly throw away society. I'm so glad they're still around in my community and can help me look my best.


karent said...

Nan, I am so glad someone else feels the same way! I live alone and still have someone clean my house and take everything I can to the laundry/cleaners. The lady who cleans works two jobs and fits me in, and she is also willing to spend her "days off" at my house meeting repairmen and installers. Couldn't live without her, and she needs the money. My dry cleaner/laundry also picks up and delivers, and they will do anything. They even neatly package the change I leave in pockets and return to me. People like that make my life so much easier, and I feel good supporting small businesses that provide good service. It's the spirit of free enterprise, I think. karent

Raesha D said...

How cool....what shoe shop do you use? My fave pair of black boots need some work on the heels. I'd love to support your guy:)

Nancy (nanflan) said...

Raesha, I use Nob Hill Shoe Repair on Central Ave. near Washington St. The Martini Grill is next door.