Sunday, September 30, 2007


No, not necessarily in the ecological sense of the word.

I started pulling fabrics today, and it looks like the theme for the Getway will be olive green. It all started with 2 big pieces of solid olive. One is a rayon/tencel blend I bought from the Fashion Fabrics Club in 2003, the other is a mystery fabric (rayon? poly?) I bought in 2002 from the late Bonanza Fabrics of Santa Fe. Both are bottom weight, at least 3 yard pieces, and 60" wide.

From there, it was pretty easy to start taking out fabrics in similar shades.

Not all of them will make the trip, and not all of those that go to San Francisco will be used. But I'd rather select more than I'll ultimately take and use. I figure I can always edit my choices at some point. I also know that I won't be travelling with just a carry-on bag this time.

And let's not forget that a fabric shopping trip is included in this junket. Linda is taking us to Satin Moon, her favorite fabric store in the area. That's saying a lot, considering that the Bay Area is also home to Britex and Stonemountain and Daughter.

It's also dawned on me that I should pull out some of my existing clothes, which will also aid in coordinating the sewing projects. Even though I have a bunch of Sewing Workshop patterns selected, I think I'm going to bring a couple of others, too. I know that I'm prepping like I'm staying for months even though I'll only be there for 5 days, but like I said--editing. At the very least, I'll come back with some kind of a sewing plan for this fall.


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I have been to SF fabric shopping just once but I do know this...Fabric Fixx is across the street and a little catty corner to Satin Moon. Be the first one in line to cut in Satin Moon and sneak across the street to FF. Believe me you will be glad you did since this is where the majority of my fabric came from on that trip. Pictures here:

Ohhh! I am sooooo getting excited for you because tomorrow is October 1st so let the countdown begin!

Anonymous said...

I second Carolyn's suggestion--it's a great place to shop. I believe that the name is Fabrix, though. Have fun!

Masouma Rose