Friday, September 28, 2007


I'm starting to get pretty excited about my upcoming mini-vacay. You see, I'm off to San Francisco from October 11-15 to attend a Sewing Workshop Getaway!! Yes, Sewing Workshop Patterns at the Sewing Workshop. I feel like I'm going to Mecca.

The basic setup is 12 sewists (actually 13; no one cancelled and the alternate is also coming), Linda Lee and her staff, and large blocks of sewing time. The trip also includes a trunk show of Sewing Workshop garments, a visit to Satin Moon fabrics, and a guest (Ana Lisa Hedstrom) who designs art-to-wear. Some of the other attendees are bringing items to show and tell, so maybe I'll show and tell some of my cyber-activities.

Being the obsessive finance type that I am, I did some research tonight, and my binder now includes area maps with plenty of info on nearby restaurants, how to get from the hotel to the Workshop, and printouts of the agenda and the other attendees' bios. Impressive group, I tell ya!

I'm beginning to put together a list of what to bring, but I fear that once again, my reach will exceed my grasp. I have a stack of Sewing Workshop patterns I want to play around with, and I'm also accumulating quite a mental stash of fabrics and notions that need to make the trip. I hope they do pack and ship from the hotel.

I'm sure I'll be posting more about this trip as mid-October approaches. I also plan to do some blogging from San Francisco since wireless should be plentiful there. It's my hope that you all will enjoy my upcoming sewing frenzy and not be bored with the build up!

In the meantime, the weather is expected to be crappy this weekend, but DBF and I are probably going to Santa Fe anyway. He's lived out here for 6 years and has yet to spend time there, even though it's only an hour away. Bad weather or no, I feel the need to get out of town and I'm being a little petulant about the whole thing. Perhaps the storms will go through tonight and tomorrow will be nicer. Even still, New Mexico has beautiful cloud formations when the weather's bad, so maybe it will be more of a threat than actual heavy weather. I don't want to drive up in a downpour but anything short of that should be ok. Oh yeah, I'm driving--I think my little crossover SUV will be better for the trip than his BMW roadster. I don't travel light, even for one evening.


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Hey Nan ~ I care and want to hear all about your trip...preparation, once you get there, what you learn and how you feel when you get home! It's always been a dream of mine to take classes there and hopefully I can live a little vicariously through you!

Marty said...

San Francisco for a week of Power Sewing, what can be better than that. Have a wonderful time.

artemisia said...

Hi Nan,
love your writing, and your take on sewing and other most important things in life! Have a grand time in S.F. ( and what the heck. do a lil shopping.. ;-)
Hope to meet you one of these days in Taos!