Sunday, July 22, 2007


Another weekend without sewing, if by sewing you mean actually sitting in front of the sewing machine with foot on the pedal and hands guiding fabric.

However, I did cut out a pattern this weekend, Simplicity 7176:

This is an OOP from (gulp) 2002. I'm planning on making one of the flutter sleeve versions first. I'm not sure what fabric I'll be using, but it's not as if my stash doesn't have plenty of choices to pick from. I'm thinking this will be a cute top for late summer and something to wear with suits into the fall.

We also went to another Isotopes game on Saturday and just about froze.Welcome to summer at altitude! Tonight was Bob Dylan. Yes, still touring at his age. Bob's voice is gone, but his band is excellent. And after all he's a legend.


Linda said...

I love that pattern. There was a time between 2001 and 2005 that I didn't buy patterns. I regret not doing that. I can't wait to see this one made up.

Isabelle said...

That's a lovely series of blouses! So feminine and easy to dress up or down.

BjP said...

As a child of the 60's, I just gotta say.....Oh, honey....Dylan never ever had a voice to begin with! Hee. It was all about the message, y'know. We'd really get into analyzing them and offering opinions as to what he was really saying. Although I must say, he had several songs that were quite melodious (Lay Lady Lay, for example), even for ole Bob!

Love the last two blouse patterns you've chosen!

Nancy (nanflan) said...

bjp, I know. I've been listening to Bob since I was a wee little child, and he's always been raspy. But..oh mama, could this really be the end? (heee!)

Still, I give Bob props for being up there performing when he could just be chillin' in Malibu. I don't think he has to do it for the cash, you know?

And thanks for liking the blouse choices. I've been making bottoms a lot lately because skirts, in particular, are easier for me. Time for a little stretch.