Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm supposed to be on vacation

When I originally scheduled the last part of July for PTO (paid time off), I was planning on attending the ASG convention in Sacramento. However, I decided instead to attend the Sewing Workshop getaway in San Francisco this fall. But I kept the time off anyway, planning to do some sewing and chilling at home from 7/25 through 7/31.

It's not exactly working out that way. At work, we do annual reviews of our largest customer relationships. I've got one that's due on 7/31. I turned in the report yesterday. Hopefully, no major changes, at least none that my credit analyst can't handle.

And, I have a customer whose new SUV arrives Friday. The customer is preapproved for these car purchases, but apparently no one at my office knows how to do the takedown so documents can be drawn. Grrr. I'm tempted to let it go but since my incentive is based on production, I'll be visiting the office again this afternoon. I also happen to enjoy working with this customer, so that helps a little.

Lest you think it's all work and no play, I did relax yesterday morning by taking a long walk in the neighborhood while playing my iPod. There are a couple of walking/biking paths nearby so I took the one by I-40. I wanted to get a closer look at the landscaping they've been doing in that area. I should have brought my camera to share the coyote sculptures. They're basically big silhouettes made of rusted steel that have been put among the landscape. Pretty cool to look at from the highway, and they also look good from the foot path. I'll try to remember next time!

Today, I'm going to my hairdresser for highlights and a cut, followed by lunch at Pei Wei. I usually go on Saturdays when it's pretty busy in Uptown and more of a rush. So going on Thursday should be easier and more relaxing. I hope to fit in some shopping at ABQ also--that's the new non-mall that opened last Christmas. I like being able to park and window shop outdoors. Somehow it's less cheesy than a mall.

And in the sewing room, I did some assessment on the New Look blouse pattern last night. I marked the bust point and decided that the waist darts will have to be shortened at least 3"-4". Otherwise, the placement will be completely over my bust, a function of larger cups that are somewhat lower than "standard" even when cinched up in a bra. Sigh...

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Raesha D said...

If you do make it up to ABQ be sure to check out Pottery Barn - they have a TON of awesome clearance goodies. (I was just there yesterday):):)