Sunday, July 1, 2007

Pre-Independence Day Saturday

My original plans were to have a lonnngggg weekend, and come back to work next Thursday. Customers intervened, so instead I'll be working Monday and Tuesday, hopefully slipping away after my last sales call on Tuesday afternoon. Oh, well. I'll make it up the week after, or whenever this project is complete. Or add to my time off at the end of July. This always seems to occur whenever I take time off and don't travel. I should figure this out and leave town, preferably by plane so I can't be persuaded to stick around.

Anyway, Saturday morning I worked on the front yard some more, pulling the weeds that popped up after the last Roundup session. Xeriscape is supposed to be easy, and it certainly saves precious water, but it's not maintenance free! My big prickly pear cactus needs to be pruned, but I'm not looking forward to going near those pads and their giant thorns. Perhaps I could wait until the bad looking ones dry out and retrieve them then?

DBF and I went to the Isotopes Saturday night. They are Albuquerque's AAA farm club for the Florida Marlins. This is more his thing than mine, but it's OK. I would rather have seen Ratatouille but we already had tickets for the game, and animation is not something he's too enthusiastic about. Good thing I don't mind going to the movies by myself! I'll fit it in sometime soon.

Speaking of fitting in, I've been working on a weight loss program for about 6 weeks now. 10 down and 10 to go. This will put me at a better BMI for me, and I figured this lifestyle adjustment would be simpler to do "pre" menopause. I didn't say anything till now because I'm not one for making big announcements and requiring a lot of fanfare. I'd rather stay kind of quiet until the results are well underway, and well, they are.

I managed to get 3 more Slinky skirts hemmed Saturday afternoon. Thanks, Mary Beth and Isabelle, for the suggestions on stabilizers. I ended up using some wash away stabilizer, and it did help some. I mainly used it at the beginning and end of the hems and when going over the seams. And as I suspected, the presser foot pressure was too heavy so the thick Slinky couldn't feed evenly, especially at seams. I also lengthened the stitches, which helped too.

PS Sorry about the loud soundtracks on both websites I linked to. I also find it annoying but these are "official" sites with (I hope) the best information on their respective topics. I just wish they'd default to "mute" or play quietly instead blasting at full volume.


Bonnie D. said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Didn't have your email to thank you personally. I've had fun browsing (quickly) through your blog. Love those flounced skirts!

Bev said...

Ooh, congrats on the weight loss! YES, get it off now....I wish I'd been more determined back a years ago and not ended up in menopause with this extra weight! It settled in places I don't like!

I'd take a baseball game over animation, too, but I certainly understand that not everyone loves baseball like I do. Huh. Probably how I put on those pounds: too many cheese nachos at the ballpark! Hee.