Monday, June 18, 2007


I got home from work this evening and found that both cats were trapped! Smudge, obstinate beast that he is, refused to come in this morning when I was getting ready to leave. He made his choice so I don't have a lot of sympathy.

But, worse, little Ghost was trapped in the sewing room closet all day! I had moved some skirts that need to be hemmed from the bedroom to the sewing room so that I would actually work on them. She slipped in and I didn't even see her. She was both embarrassed and annoyed at my error. Only minor damage to the closet's contents, though, and nothing that can't be remedied. She barfed on a piece of waffle knit fabric , used a wadded up plastic blanket bag as a bathroom (she couldn't possibly hold it all day!), and made a minor tear to one of the patterns hanging from the closet rod. I need to tidy up that closet so perhaps this incident will encourage me.

Other than cats, I worked on the front yard this evening. I'm not much of a gardener, but as Cidell often says, I don't want to be "that house" on the block. I have intentions to hire landscaping work done but we'll see if it comes to pass this summer. Last year, it was so wet that it couldn't be done and this year, there's a lot of new construction needing landscaping from scratch. So we'll see. In the meantime, maintenance. I trimmed the desert willows back, pulled the worst of the weeds, and sprayed the rest. In a day or so, I'll do some follow up work--again and again, most likely.

Then eventually, the jungle that's my backyard.


BjP said...

Ooh, cats in the closet! Our long-haired cat found that sleeping on the fabric stash was such a comfy place! By the time I noticed (yeah, no time in the sewing room for the past several months), the whole bottom shelf of fabric had to be rewashed due to massive amounts of long white kitty hair. I moved all the fabric and set a big bin of patterns there, and yes....she likes that, too. Aargh.

At least the door isn't usually closed so she has never peed there. What is it about plastic that they like to pee on? Dunno, but if there ever is any spare plastic bags on the floor in the basement, they like that better than the litter box. (They are old; we forgive them.)

I don't think I'll ever find all their sleeping/hiding places but then that's just being a cat. If I ever had to find them in a hurry? Well, I worry that I wouldn't!

Nancy (nanflan) said...

My trick to finding them quickly is to shake on of their cat treat containers. They usually come running immediately!

Pam said...

I have just discovered your blog after reading your comment on mine. I can't believe you have a cat named Smudge! So, do I. Please post a picture of your Smudge and I'll post a picture of mine.