Wednesday, March 21, 2007

SWAP 2007: Flinging the towel

I'm flinging the towel.

Not that I don't intend to complete the Timmel Fabrics SWAP; actually, that would be pretty cool. I like my fabrics and ideas. It's just that the timing isn't so good right now. I have too much stuff going on at work and I'm also on the committee that's decorating for Easter at church. I feel the need to offload some responsibilities to preserve my sanity, and since the SWAP is self induced, I'm letting the deadline go.

There. I feel better now.

I'll continue to post here and to Stitcher's Guild as I continue to work on my SWAP items. The plan is a good one, I have the fabric, so why not? It's just going to take longer.

I also mentioned earlier that I'd show a combined RTW/sewn SWAP of my items if I couldn't finish, so I'll post that here at some point. The plan coordinates with a lot of items that are already in my closet, so it should be interesting to see just how many combinations I can come up with.

I'll keep you posted on my progress--and there's always next year (I'll start earlier!)

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