Thursday, March 15, 2007

Get a Life, People!

Most of my readers probably know me from a couple of sewing boards that I regularly visit. Well, I'm going to be making a concerted effort not to, because I just cannot stand the waves of negativity that are present on many of the threads. The pissing and moaning about the most minor incidents.

Some recent examples:

Does the "Quick and Easy" label matter all that much to you? I mean, really. Can you not look at the picture on the pattern envelope and the technical drawings to figure out if the garment has any potential?

And if I see yet another thread about how horrible Jo-Ann's is, I think I'll lose my mind! Not that I love them unconditionally, but pu-leese! There have been years and years of complaints on the boards about how they carry polyester, have a lack of knowledgeable staff, too much crafty stuff, bad restrooms, no restrooms, etc, etc, etc. Ditto, Hancock's. We all know this--Get. Over. It. Shop somewhere else but please please stop whining. All those darling independents are gone for a reason. Even though they were loved for all their beautiful fabrics and fabulous service, people didn't want to pay the prices needed to support those businesses.

And Threads magazine and Sew News topics. Ugh. Nothing new there that hasn't aleady been said, just complaints over and over.

These are just a few of many. I'm tired of the nit-picking and whining.

So, I'll be participating much less on the boards and in other activities where there is an atmosphere of complaint and will be seeking more positive venues going forward.


Mary Beth said...

Well, you've hung in there a lot longer than some of...well, me, for one! I'm sure you'll be missed where ever you've been hangin'.

julia said...

I love the "good stuff" on those boards and still find all kinds of help and great thoughts from kindred spirits. A lot of my attention has been diverted to blogs like yours, however, because they tend to be sew much more focused. Bloglines helps me with that alot - it's a great tool and helps me keep in touch with the blogs that seem to be concentrated on the "good stuff".

MéLisa said...

You said it! I know exactly how you feel. I still check out the reviews on one board but mostly avoid the boards for all the reasons that you mentioned. I don’ t know about you but sometimes I have felt like I am some kind of sewing hillbilly because I didn’t spend an ungodly amount per yard on fabric. I agree with Julia blogs have been a blessing for reconnecting with all the good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Right on Sista! I could not agree with you more...and don't forget the never ending Wal-mart threads...eesh. Phyllis

Gorgeous Things said...

Nancy, I'm looking forward to reading your posts here, and I can't wait to see what you sew up!