Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year

It's hard to believe that 2006 is over. In many ways, the 21st century has been a blur so far--I mean, we're seven years in already?!? It doesn't seem possible.

The sun has come out but there's still plenty of snow on the ground. While this is typical in Northern New Mexico, for my area, it's not. While we have all 4 seasons here, I'm more used to cold dry mornings and nights, offset by warm dry middays. I don't think that'll be the case for a while yet. I heard on the news last night that another storm is on tap for next weekend. I hope this turns out to be a non-event, since DBF and I had to cancel this past one due to the storm. Honestly, I'd love to send the snow on to you folks in the traditionally snowy areas but it's not my call.

I did spend some time in the sewing room yesterday. I traced off a skirt pattern for the Timmel SWAP. It requires some tweaking, since I'm using a pattern designed for knits with a woven fabric--this is the Sewing Workshop's Sandra Betzina skirt that I posted on last month. So I need to change it up with a deeper hem and a facing or something for the faux wrap. Also, the circle fabric is thin, I'd call it a georgette type. So it'll need underlining, which also causes pattern changes.

However, most of my sewing room time this weekend has been more mundane--alterations. I worked on a favorite pair of princess seam pants yesterday. Unfortunately, I had to let out the center back seam that my alterations lady had taken in a couple of years ago. I also pinned up three of pairs of pants that I'll complete today since I have sunlight! The pants are dark gray, forest green and black, and I was having trouble seeing well enough in the evening's gloom. I'd also like to get started on altering my winter white pants--I got them on sale at Dillard's last spring during their winter clearance. These will be the RTW component of the SWAP, at least that's my plan for now.

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