Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Albuquerque received its first real snow of the season today. It started coming down this morning and has continued all day. Pretty, isn't it? It will probably be gone in the next couple of days once the sun comes out. I took this picture on my way home from work. It's a little park at the western edge of downtown, at 10th and Central. I was waiting for the light to change. I wish I could have gotten some pictures from the bridge over the Rio Grande at Central. It was really pretty, but with traffic flowing well there wasn't time.
While this is festive and very Christmasy, I do hope the Sunport is open in the morning. Winter Park awaits!


Mary Beth said...

Hope you have arrived in Florida safe and sound. I just heard on the radio where Hwy 40 through the Texas panhandle has been shut down due to snow/ice

Nancy (nanflan) said...

Acually, yes! The airport was open this morning and even though I had to take surface streets, I was able to go. I even found a wi-fi connection to use just a little while ago.

Alisa_Benay said...

Cool picture! We're just starting to thaw out a little today from the smacking we got this week here in Colorado Springs. I'd never experienced a blizzard before moving here (native of Arkansas). They are breath-taking!