Saturday, December 23, 2006

Adventures in Wi Fi

This will probably be a quick post, as I'm at my sister's house in Winter Park FL, with iffy wi-fi service (I'm, ahem, borrowing service from some nearby unsecured connection). I know that's a bit bad, but what am I supposed to do? I feel more comfortable on my laptop than hijacking the family desktop computer, so there. Back to the fact I'm in Florida--no, I'm not doing any particularly touristy things because (a) I used to live here, (b) my sis says there's no way she wants to be anywhere near the Magic Kingdom at the holidays, and (c) she's recovering from apendicitis and is a little low on energy. We did go to Park Avenue yesterday and had a nice time shopping and being "ladies who lunch." And, I got to hear the massive sonic boom the Space Shuttle created when it reentered the atmosphere--just like old times.

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