Saturday, August 6, 2016

Butterick 6324 View A Top

I bought this pattern because I was intrigued by the photo of the orange eyelet top on the envelope.

 I'd also been looking for a shirt style without facings that I could use with sheers and eyelets. And that hidden button placket was so cool!

I traced off the View A pieces since the pattern tissue combined multiple views as single pieces on the tissue (grrrr...). And then it sat.

Why? Because the hidden button placket consisted of several separate pieces seamed together. Holy bulk, Batman! So, I re-drew the placket and band so they would be part of each of the pattern fronts. A bit of a brain teaser but I eventually worked it out. Less bulk, many fewer seams, and much easier to  match patterns across the front of the garment. Below is a photo showing off the placket and collar:

You can see that the fabric is "ventilated", with the stripes woven with openwork. The pattern also features a collar with stand, which went together nicely.

Another change I made to add to the pattern was to provide some additional room in the hip area. Although the envelope went up to a 14, I needed a bit more room. :(  I used one of Louise Cutting's "Industry Insider Techniques" videos to add another 4 inches. The technique I used is in Volume 6. The DVDs are produced by Threads Magazine and have been very helpful to me. In my experience, many sewing techniques are easier to view than read.

The fabric is a novelty weave cotton print from JoAnn's, of all places! I was very pleased with how it handled during construction. Every one in a while, even they get it right. Of course they don't have anything like it in their stores now, but maybe they could bring it back...perhaps in some solid colors?

Overall, I liked how my test garment came out and I'll be wearing it a lot and making more like this. I'm also planning to tackle a couple of the other views too. View B has a contrast hidden placket that could be fun to play with. View C features lace overlays and back, which would work well with some sheer remnants I've acquired. View D's illustration looks very blah, but could become a nice basic without overlays, or more special with them.


sewingkm said...

Nice top. The fabric is lovely (can't believe it's from Joann's) and you matched the print perfectly! Karen

The Sewing and Knitting Loft said...

Your blouse turned out very nice. Love the fabric!

Cherie said...

Very nice blouse! And you're right, very nice fabric. 😀 So sad JA no longer has it. 😢 Very nice job getting a smoother hidden placket. Sometimes the instructions are "dumbed down" to the point they're useless!

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Uggghhhh, I know that I typed a comment about this top a couple of days ago! Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I love your fabric choice and that this is a really cute top!

Mary said...

Another beautiful blouse for you to enjoy in our southwest heat. :-)