Wednesday, August 3, 2016

TSW Eureka

Slinky has fallen out of style, but I had a piece of it in a nice blue color that I really loved. I was tired of passing it by every time I made a knit garment, so I needed to find a pattern. Oh, and it was also short yardage, which meant that I had to find something that didn't use very much fabric.

Eureka Top to the rescue! Its simple shape and loose fit worked well with the Slinky and didn't take much time to make. The cutting probably took longer than the sewing. I changed the neckline so that the technique used is more like my TNT Kwiksew 2565. And I didn't tack up the cuffs, two layers of Slinky is enough, and almost too much. So, more like sleeves than cuffs. You'll notice in the photo below that I edge stitched the sleeve seam. Doing so helped flatten the seam which is thick with three layers of fabric (two for the sleeve and one for the garment).

Here's the drawing from the pattern envelope. Eureka is actually a twofer, with a skirt in addition to the top. I've also made the skirt a couple of times. It's fun to sew and wear, albeit a fabric hog.

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