Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Cutting Line Designs, Simplify Your Life View B

This pattern has been out for a while, but it was a new one for me. I've been needing some simple garments for work since we're in jeans mode all summer long. Plus, Albuquerque is hot this time of year! Garments need to be light and airy for being outside in the heat, while also being layering pieces for air conditioning.

The top is fairly simple looking but the button band across the left shoulder and sleeve gives it that little something extra.

I love these shell buttons that came from Hancock's when they were going out of business.

I got the fabric at the ASG conference in San Diego last year; one of the vendors sold fabric that was literally in piles and you had to dig to find the fabric you wanted. I'm not sure of the fabric content but it's a voile. I originally thought it was poly but after sewing with it, I think it's a cotton/poly blend or maybe even cotton.

I barely had enough fabric, so had to be a bit creative in cutting. I would have preferred to have the flowers centered on both front and back, but there just wasn't enough. I think it's all right though.

As is typical for Cutting Line, the pattern has simple lines but is well-drafted with very detailed guide sheets. Also keep in mind that the designer, Louise Cutting, often does not have you assemble the garment in the order that you'd use for the typical Butterick/McCall/Vogue pattern.

Related to that, I found one little error in this pattern--if you follow the order of construction as written, you will make all of the buttonholes and attach all buttons before completing the side seams and sleeve hems.  However, the sleeve hem is very close the the last buttonhole and button, so hold off on sewing them until after the sleeve is hemmed.


Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Your fabric choice is perfect for this top! It's gorgeous and the shell buttons had an adorable touch. Beautiful!!!

Mary said...

It's beautiful! Your fabric is an absolute match for the style. I love this pattern, and have used it twice.