Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Bay Area Weekend

My main reason for going to San Francisco was the opportunity to see the Oscar de la Renta exhibition at the deYoung Museum. You will see many upcoming posts about this! But as beautiful and inspiring as the show was, the weekend was also a wonderful opportunity to meet up with sewing friends.

After the exhibit, we had lunch at the museum and visited the observation tower for some fantastic views of San Francisco. From left to right, Diane, me, Liana, and Jan.

Since our hotel was near Union Square, we had many opportunities to explore.

Liana, Jan, and I brought our significant others along, but the guys did other things while we indulged our sewing and shopping activities. In addition, Tony and I spent time with family to meet our new baby grand-niece Sienna Rose. Her mom and dad live in San Francisco, and grandma and grandpa were also in town visiting from New Jersey.

On Saturday, we went to the East Bay via BART for lunch courtesy of Georgene and her husband at their loft in Oakland. Then, Georgene took us shopping in Berkeley, first to Lacis and then to Stonemountain and Daughter. Here are Georgene, Liana, and me in front of Lacis (Jan was the photographer).

Oops, no picture of Stonemountain (it was raining), but we did some fabric acquisition. We also viewed some of the sights, including a wisteria covered church where Liana captured this shot of me.

In summary, it was an exciting and fast paced visit. I'm looking forward to visiting again and seeing more of Northern California! I always love visiting there

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